It’s in the Bag: Bridal Essentials for a Great Wedding Morning.

bridal bag
It’s safe to say the morning of a wedding is a hectic time for a bride-to-be. There is plenty to think about and lots to remember. Every bride knows all eyes will be on her once the ceremony begins and she will spend much of the hours before making sure everything is close to perfect for the big day. Along with the essentials, here are some other items a bride may want to put in her bridal bag to make the morning of her wedding day a little more special:
• A comfortable robe that is also presentable for pictures.
• Extra lipstick.
• A new perfume to use throughout the day. The new scent will add to the memories.
• A hand mirror in case there is a crowd at the bathroom mirror.
• Clear nail polish to keep all eyes focused on the ring.
• Body scrub, especially if it’s a strapless wedding dress.
• A hydrating mist spray. A great way for a quick face spritz throughout the day.
• A cover-up makeup stick.
• Personalized hangers. One way to make a necessary item a little special.
wedding hangers
Of course, there is still the need for the essentials. Bridal bags need to contain things like bandages, deodorant and breath mints. An emergency sewing kit is always a good idea. Grab a stick of super glue and some double-sided tape. Pack a stain remover stick because there might be a spill or two at some point during the day. Make sure you have your cell phone handy and throw your cell phone charger into the bridal bag. It’s also a good idea to have emergency contact numbers for everyone in the wedding party. No one wants a headache on the morning before the wedding so make sure to keep aspirin or some sort of pain reliever on hand. Nail clippers are a good idea. And remember to pack extra shoes. Someone should have a cake knife. If there is even the slightest chance of rain, have an umbrella on hand.
Another thing to think about is extra cash. Make sure early in the day there is plenty of cash on hand, especially if you will need to tip the DJ or a band. It will be tough to run out and find an ATM once the ceremony begins.
Making a thorough to-do list will make for an easier wedding morning and set the foundation for a great wedding day.



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